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Thyroid Australia (Brisbane) is a voluntary and a not for prophet service  remaining completely autonomous.


Please be aware that implications of some alternative forms of medical / healing practices and  commercial products, eg; Thyroid building compounds, that are available on the Internet and or in various health food establishments, may be risky to your prevailing Thyroid Health and do not have to nor comply with TGA (FDA USA) regulations. 


We maintain that every diagnosed Thyroid condition is a personal issue and keep an open mind on Thyroid medications conducive to Australian TGA (FDA USA) regulations and scientifically proven, understanding what benefits one person, may not be the same for another. 



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Rick is dealing with a continuance of health issues and is forced to take time off Phone and E-Mail Support is suspended Follow this link for more.  


We would like to bring to your attention, that we can only facilitate support to people with diagnosed Thyroid conditions, accordingly because of the time involved in providing this on going support. Please understand that there are other underlying and or unrelated medical issues that share  similar symptoms to Thyroid conditions. After your doctor has given you a diagnoses of a Thyroid condition and talked about treatment, we are then able to provide beneficial, comprehensive Thyroid support and assistance.


After over 18 years of constant support nationally and internationally to thousands of people, catering to All Thyroid Conditions literally 24/7 at times.   

Thyroid Australia (Brisbane) has been providing consistent, transparent, honest open minded Thyroid Support and information, to any body who has requested it, always encouraging more support facilities in the community to develop a rapport for people with Thyroid conditions.....  


Please........ I encourage you not to be blindly led, but to find the right balance of qualified Thyroid  Support and related health  care / treatment for your individual Thyroid condition. 


Take care and wishing you all well.  

Rick Maynard  Thyroid Australia (Brisbane) Network.




                                                "Iodine deficiency is the primary cause of Hypothyroidism in children and adults".


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To the best of our knowledge The Registered Office of Thyroid Australia Ltd ACN 094 832 023 ABN 71 094 832 023 is closed.

It has been necessory to display this disclaimer to protect our long standing reputation from over 18 years of transparent Thyroid Support.


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Thyroid Australia (Brisbane)
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