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After over 11 years of constant support nationally and internationally to thousands of people, catering to All Thyroid Conditions Literally 24/7  at times........ 


Thyroid Australia (Brisbane) has been providing consistent, transparent, honest open minded Thyroid Support and information, to any body who has requested it, always encouraging more support facilities in the community to develop a rapport for people with Thyroid conditions.....   


Please........ I encourage you not to be blindly led, but to find the right balance of Thyroid  Support and related health  care  treatment for your individual Thyroid condition.   

Take care and wishing you all well. 

Rick Maynard  Thyroid Australia (Brisbane) Network.


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We brought the news to you first in early  2009..................

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) announced Iodine will be introduced in all commercial bread from September 2009. Fortification of foodIodine in Bread

Iodine deficiency is the primary cause of Hypothyroidism in children and adults.


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Thyroid Australia (Brisbane)
PO Box 5161
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